Frequently Asked Questions

Take + Give Model

The idea for the Take + Give Model stems from many months and countless hours spent in the outdoors, capturing visuals of the wild in it's most raw and inspiring state. As photographers, filmmakers, and storytellers - we experience these elements, and we 'take.' We take photos, videos, memories, and life altering experiences. We go home, perhaps share what we have discovered, and go back to life as we knew it. But seldom do we ever have an opportunity to give back to those places and wild elements from which we took. At Wildstock, we felt a very strong responsibility to create a shift in this relationship, and offer storytellers from a variety of disciplines a path to giving back. It is a full circle approach to doing business. An approach that maintains a bit of balance between man and nature. We pay our artists very well, and we want them to make great money sharing their work. And we believe that it is very possible to be a successful artist while also protecting and preserving what is essential to our craft and existence - the wild.

We know that this model is not normal, and we're ok with that. It is a wee bit more complex, but sometimes changing the status quo for the better is a wee bit uncomfortable. Here is a very simple breakdown of how the Take + Give Model works: Every item on Wildstock has a price that is set by the artist who is uploading the item. With every item they upload, they will set the price and the give back percentage. We have a suggested price range depending on type of media, but the artist has full control over these parameters. Our base pricing model is as follows : By default, the artist/seller will receive 50% of each sale. Wildstock will always take 40%. The remaining 10% will go directly into our Give Back Fund. The seller also has an option to increase the percentage that goes into the Give Back Fund - from 10%-60% - and any number in between (multiples of 10). We want to give the seller the power to dictate how much of their earnings directly go back into protecting the wild. Adjusting the sellers give back percentage would decrease their earnings, but greatly increase the potential impact on our wild initiatives.

All of our members will be voting on where the money from the Give Back Fund will be dispersed. It is a 100% democratic process and Wildstock will never try to sway votes one way or another. We simply set the parameters and control the transaction, but our community members are in full control of the fund's destination. We will be in full contact with any of the initiatives we are supporting, doing our very best to ensure that the impact we are having is lasting, positive, and real. We are a fully transparent company, and we expect the same from the causes we support.

Our ethos is simple... We believe visual storytelling has a great ability to spark powerful change. We aim to achieve this by providing a home for the natural world's most inspiring visuals, and by giving our community an opportunity to have an immediate and lasting positive impact.

The best way you can get involved is to visit our site and join our community. You can opt in to receive emails and connect via social media as well. We love hearing from our community members and at anytime please feel free to contact us, shoot us some ideas, introduce us to some causes or initiatives, and join in on the highly collaborative effort.

The backbone of our ethos at Wildstock is giving back. With our "Take + Give" model, a portion of every sale - (at least 10%, artists choose the give back percentage between 10-60%) - goes directly back to causes that protect and promote wild animals and places. These can be anything from small grassroots efforts on the frontlines of a specific issue - to crowdfunding for films and innovative, revolutionary ideas. All of the members of our community will vote on where this money is dispersed. The Give Back Fund will accumulate over a designated amount of time (our company is young learning on the go how we can have the greatest impact. To begin with, we will be dispersing these funds annually). Every member of the Wildstock community can suggest causes to support and will have a vote in where this money goes. This vote will take place via email. We are always interested in hearing from our members about this process, making it more efficient, more impactful - suggesting areas where these funds could make a serious positive difference. It's a grassroots and crowdfunding approach that we wholeheartedly believe in, and we hope that you will too.

We have grappled with this idea - who to support, how to maintain a very high level of impact with the initiatives we support, etc... Here is where we have landed, and we believe it is the right solution... For starters, we believe in having a lasting, powerful, and positive impact on our planet. We believe in efficiency, and finding smart solutions to some of the most pressing issues our planet is facing today. All of this being said - this sort of change is not black and white. It is adaptable and situational, and cannot be put in a box with a label like "NGO." The world of cause related funding - such as crowdfunding - has dramatically shifted in recent years, and we believe that at times, these efforts can be more impactful and efficient. So, we are open to ideas and looking into areas of impact across the spectrum. Our team will be working diligently on finding initiatives across the globe that need immediate attention, and we are very enthusiastic about our members doing the same and suggesting causes to support.