Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Wildstock is a royalty-free, stock media marketplace. We specialize in the natural world’s most inspiring visuals, and we believe in giving back. We practice a Take + Give approach, where at least 10% from every transaction goes back to causes that promote sustainable solutions and positive change for our planet and ecosystems worldwide.

Wildstock is for photographers, filmmakers, and content creators who share in our passion for the planet. Wildstock is also for storytellers across a variety of disciplines - from directors and editors to small business owners and advertising creatives - anyone who believes in the power of visual storytelling and wants access to the world’s finest imagery to do so. We provide the venue for like minded individuals to virtually connect, share what they have captured from the wild, and use these visuals as powerful tools for inspiring storytelling.

Wildstock is free to join. Explore all you want. Upload visuals and customize your profile to share with the world - all of it’s free. If you ever decide to buy a picture or clip, of course that will cost you - but the process is very simple, and we clearly lay out the price per item, and also the percentage of that price that will be going back to protect the wild. You can rest assured that your purchase is also an investment in the future of protecting our planet.

You must have an account before making a purchase. Creating an account is easy and we don’t require much information. When you do make a purchase - we will save your items in your account, and they will be available for you to view and download anytime you log in, forever.

You can have as many accounts as you wish, however, we recommend sticking with one. This enables us to keep all of your purchases in one place, and gives you as an artist the most efficient way for viewers to find your work.

Wildstock is free to join and easy to use. All of the content uploaded to the site is protected, and all of our transactions are completely secure. Beyond that - at the root of our company - we believe in giving back. We believe in the power of visual storytelling, and we also understand that there are issues our planet is facing that desperately need our attention. Our goal at Wildstock is to give buyers and sellers of media an avenue to directly have a positive impact on those issues. By joining Wildstock, you will become a part of this movement. Every member of our community will have a say in how we will allocate the funds collected and which issues and causes we choose to address.

All of the content on Wildstock is curated - meaning that we have an in-house team that will review all uploads before they go live on our site. This practice is a bit of quality control to ensure that we only offer visuals that are in line with our ethos. All of the visuals we house must be 'wild' based, wild inspired, and represent elements from ecosystems worldwide that visually captivate and inspire the viewer.

The team at Wildstock curates all of it’s visuals to ensure that the media we house is of high quality and in line with our ethos. This includes technical specifications like - file size, resolution, file corruption - as well as artistic qualities like exposure, framing, and composition. And last but not least, all of the items we house will be wild focused and inspired. This also includes aspects ad elemetns from the wild that can have a positive and negative impact on the environment in it's natural state. For instance, imagery of piles of plastic floating in the ocean can be quite powerful to incite positive change, and they would fit very well in our "Issues" category.