Frequently Asked Questions


We guarantee all of the items on our site. If there is ever an issue with an item you have downloaded, we are happy to refund your purchase. We try to avoid these situations and this is why we curate every upload to Wildstock. We also want to protect the artists from any unlawful usage of their work, so once a purchase is made, we really strive to make sure that the file being downloaded is 100% legit and will not have any issues, technical or otherwise. All of the media on our website is curated with keen eyes and guaranteed to perform for you as it is displayed on our website. We also offer the ability to download temp files that are watermarked and can act as a placeholder in your project.

If any of the media you have purchased and downloaded shows up as a corrupted file or there is an issue, you are welcome to contact us and we will either refund your purchase or find the right solution. We try to avoid these situations at all costs, but not everybody’s perfect!

All of your transactions - whether from items that you have bought or sold - will be saved and stored in your Transaction History, Uploads, and Purchases, respectively.

When making purchases on Wildstock, you can pay using a credit card or your paypal account. When you see an item you like, add it to your cart. Go to Checkout, and voila. Your purchases will become immediately available for download once your payment has been approved. The item you purchased is royalty free and without restrictions on use. Please see our license agreement for more information on the legal side of things.

When an artist uploads an item to Wildstock to sell, they are required to set a price and a give back percentage for each item they upload. We believe in leaving that decision up to the artist and we try to maintain a very high quality of product that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We suggest approximate price points to the artist when they upload, depending on size and quality of the item. But again, we give the artist this control over pricing and give back percentage.

With every purchase, we will email you a summary of your purchase that details the price breakdown per item, date, item #, etc. CSV’s are available for tracking your finances as well in your account under Transaction History. Feel free to reach out with any requests regarding transactions and we will do our best to accommodate.

The Artist will always set the Give Back percentage. Our base pricing model is as follows… By default, the artist/seller will receive 50% of each sale. Wildstock will always take 40%. The remaining 10% will go directly into our Give Back Fund. The seller also has an option to increase the percentage that goes into the give back fund - from 10%-60% - and any number in between (multiples of 10). We wanted to give the seller the power to dictate how much of their sales they wanted to go directly back to protecting the wild. If an artist wanted to give back all the proceeds from any of their items sold, this is totally possible. They would set the ‘Give Back’ percentage to 60%, and every time that item sold - 60% of the sale price would go directly back to the wild.

With every item sold on Wildstock, at least 10% of each sale will be directly deposited into a fund - we call this fund the Give Back Fund. The Give Back Fund will be dispersed on an annual basis (hopefully quarterly or bi-annually as Wildstock continues to grow). Every member of the Wildstock community can suggest organizations and issues that we should support. Every member of the Wildstock community will vote on the top three issues that need our attention and funds. These can be anything from small grassroots efforts on the front lines of a specific issue - to crowdfunding for films and innovative, revolutionary ideas. All of the members of our community will vote on where this money is dispersed. We have adopted this model because it gives us the flexibility and mobility to shift our areas of impact. We are always interested in hearing back from artists and organizations in order to make this model as efficient and impactful as possible, so please feel free to reach out with ideas, questions, or concerns.