Frequently Asked Questions


You are free to upload as many photos and clips as you would like. There is no limit per user to amount of uploads. We only restrict this process by curating all of the uploaded content to ensure a high level of quality.

We pay out the first of every month. These payments will automatically be deposited in the account you have selected.

Yes. When you sign on to upload and sell visuals through our website, we are required to have you fill out a 1099 form for tax purposes.

Yes, please do! We enjoy hearing feedback and we are always open to listen to any suggestions that might make our impact more focused and effective. Feel free to reach out at any time. We are big on member involvement in our community.

Yes, we do. However, the majority of these will be under the Action/Adventure categories, and the true focus of these visuals must be of the natural elements. We are deeply inspired by the natural world, and through Wildstock we intend to spread a bit of that inspiration. We encourage action, adventure, and exploration - but we believe in leaving a specific place better off then how you found it. These are the moments, the visuals, the experiences we aim to support.

We have an entire section dedicated solely to “Issues” that are effecting our environment, for better or worse. The term “out of sight, out of mind” plays a huge role in the connection we have with our environment - if we don’t see the negative impact we are having, we tend to care less about it. But if this degradation - whether it be deforestation, pollution, slaughter - is presented to us visually, it is hard to ignore… hard to not feel empathetic. We always strive to represent visuals that are highly inspirational - and at times this includes uncomfortable imagery that inspires our members to act or spark a positive change.

The artist selling the media always sets the price. We suggest an approximate price range for you that is competitive and in line with similar content, but the final decision is in the artist’s hands.

In your account settings, under “Payout Preferences,” we currently only offer payments into your Paypal account. We will be expanding these options ASAP. You will be notified via email every time you make a sale. These settings are easily changeable and accessible via your Account Settings.

The artist/seller always sets the Give Back percentage, anywhere from 10%-60%, and this is directly related to the amount/percentage the artist will receive. With each upload, located next to the price the artist will be selling their item at, is the ‘Give Back’ percentage. The artist controls this. This number will automatically remain at 10% unless the artist wants to give back more. Our base pricing model is as follows : By default, the artist/seller will receive 50% of each sale. Wildstock will always take 40%. The remaining 10% will go directly into our Give Back Fund. The seller also has an option to increase the percentage that goes into the Give Back Fund - from 10%-60% - and any number in between (multiples of 10). We want to give the seller the power to dictate how much of their earnings directly go back into protecting the wild.

With our "Take + Give" model, a portion of every sale - (at least 10%, artists choose the give back percentage between 10-60%) - goes directly back to causes that protect and promote wild animals and places. These can be anything from small grassroots efforts on the frontlines of a specific issue - to crowdfunding for films and innovative, revolutionary ideas. All members of the Wildstock community can suggest areas to allocate these funds. And, all members of our community will vote on where this money is dispersed.

All of the visuals at Wildstock are wild centered and wild inspired. Our sole focus is media captured in the wild, and elements from the natural environment will always be the center of our attention. We avoid man made environments, objects, machines, etc. Unless - the visual is having a very strong impact on the environment - such as mountain top removal or plastic pollution for instance. We do believe in promoting a strong connection between Man and Wild, so you will see people in outdoor environments in some of the items we offer - usually in the Adventure section - but even in these cases, the wild element will be the focus of the visual.

At Wildstock, we only accept visuals where the natural, wild, and untamed elements are the main subject of the visual. We steer clear of man made elements and objects. We accept visuals with people, but only if they are in the wild and the wild element is the focus of the visual. It’s a bit of a ‘paleo’ approach, an ode to the pristine wild before any modern materials or motorized vehicles came into play. As mentioned above, we do have a section entitled "Issues", and here you may find negative imagery - where objects might be having a very negative impact on the wild. We believe that at times, it is incredibly important to showcase the bad with the good, and vice versa.

This is where things get a little complicated. Currently, we are aiming to support issues that immediately need our attention, regardless of their corporate status, non-profit, for profit, etc. Grass roots efforts and crowd funded causes are more popular and more impactful than ever, and we don't want to limit our impact by only aligning with non-profit organizations. As our company grows, this approach may shift to ensure that we are finding the best route to take.