Frequently Asked Questions


Your purchase will be saved on our website and available for download anytime you are logged into your account. You may download the item as many times as needed, however we also recommend you download and save the purchase on your personal computer so you will have immediate access to the file when it is needed.

After you have made a purchase, the item or items will be available immediately for download. Under the ‘Purchases’ tab in your account, you will see all the purchases you have made and an option to download. When you click on download, you will be prompted to ‘Open’ the file, or ‘Save File.’ When you click on ‘Save File,’ the item will be downloaded to your computer. By default, most computers have a ‘Downloads’ folder where this item will be downloaded to and saved. We will also send you a Thank You email for making a purchase, and this email will contain a link to download items from the purchase.

If for some reason the download does not go through, please try again and if the problem persists, contact us and we will get you squared away asap. Issues with downloads usually occur because of connection problems, and at times this is out of our control. But we will do everything in our power to get you your purchases immediately.

We guarantee the visuals that we display on our website. If there is an issue with the item purchased - whether technical or otherwise - feel free to contact us and we will find a solution. Typically we do not refund purchased items unless there was a problem with the image quality or we displayed the item improperly.

Yes. Temp files are available for download. They will be watermarked, and only available for personal use. We understand the creative process and want our members to have the ability to test out any visuals they may be considering buying before they make a purchase.