Frequently Asked Questions


All of the information regarding licensing can be found in detail in our license agreement. All of the items that we sell are Royalty Free, meaning you pay a one time fee for the item and it is yours to keep for life and to use anywhere you like and as many times as you like. There are legal restrictions, pertaining to things like trying to re-sell the media, or claim you authored the media, and things of this nature. But we believe that our Royalty Free agreement is a clean, easy, and efficient way to deal with licensing.

Your purchase will be saved on our website and available for download anytime you are logged into your account. You may use the item as many times as needed, as long as the utilization is in line with our License Agreement.

The term Royalty-Free refers to a copyright license, where the buyer and seller agree that after a one-time purchase price, their will be no royalties owed for usage of an item. We try to simplify the licensing process by offering all of our media as royalty free. We are considering media that is Rights Managed, to give artists the option to offer different visuals with a variety of licensing terms - but for now we are offering all of our media as royalty free.

Currently we do not offer any options besides a royalty free agreement as laid out in our Licensing Agreement. We operate this way to make the licensing and legality of this industry as simple as possible for both buyers and sellers. We are considering media that is Rights Managed in the future, and please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or ideas regarding licensing.

In simple terms, this is illegal. Buyers of media through our site are required to follow our license agreement.