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Garth Bailey

Member since: September 23, 2018

Location: Southern Alberta, Canada

Specialities: Landscape, wildlife


Background: Lifetime photographic enthusiast. Backpacker, climber, traveler. Photography has been a passion since I was a boy with my Dad's Kodak Brownie. Had a darkroom while in university; developed both B&W and Colour. Earned my living in photography for several years, but went on to different things. I live near the Rockies due to the opportunities to be in th mountains and in harmony with nature.

View of environment: Leave only footprints. Take only photos. The backpacker's creed. Wilderness is diminishing and deserves the protection and sensitivity to let it remain wild for others to experience. We humans are charged with the protection of, not the exploitation of, the environment and with science focused on this, I believe that sustainability is possible. It just takes the will to do so.

Favorite Piece of Equipment: Sigma 10-20 lens

Favorite Place to be Creative: Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta and British Columbia