Neena Plant

Member since: December 29, 2018

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah area

Specialities: photography, watercolor painting, wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery


Background: I've been a watercolor painter for most of my adult life, and have used my own photography as source material and inspiration, and as an artistic form in its own right. I'm a Utah native, but don't let that distract from my commitment to wild places, natural beauty, and the importance of environmental preservation.

View of environment: It is our responsibility to see that our progeny are able to experience wild places in person for all time, and that corporate greed stands in the way of this solemn task. Wild places are more important than any agenda, based either on political, nationalist, religious, or other criteria. The latter are means of distraction by those of privilege, keeping the majority from being able to focus on harmony among humanity. Harmony with nature and one another are vital to preserving our heritage for future generations.

Favorite Piece of Equipment: I just got a Nikon D5600, so I'm not yet sure how I like it. I shot with a Pentax K-r for a number of years because it was inexpensive and learned the ropes of digital SLR photography with that camera after having used a Pentax K1000 film camera for many years prior to that.

Favorite Place to be Creative: Any of Utah's wild places.