Lars Fricke

Member since: February 10, 2018

Location: Germany North-East

Specialities: nature photography, from the small to the grand


Background: Studied physics in Hannover, Germany. Working as GIS Specialist and programmer. Lived in Sparks NV USA in 1986 where I started into photography as yearbook photographer with a Ricoh SLR and a 70-210mm Zoom lens. After a long break got into nature photography a couple of years ago through a friend.

View of environment: Ingenious creation by an ingenious creator. We have the absolute privilege to keep but also to enjoy nature. Seeing landscapes, animals and plants as incredible pieces of art I am trying to capture with care and respect. All my pictures are "as is". They are taken in the wild and only minor improvements like enhancing sharpness,contrast or deleting sensor dirt is done. I will not move animals or plants to get better pictures,will not change the setting and I will avoid disturbance as much as possible.

Favorite Piece of Equipment: Depends on what I'm doing. Working with a Pentax k-x and a SMC Pentax-DA 55 to 300mm zoom (always on). At times with an old 125 to 580mm zoom (Soligor). For macro I normally take my Sigma 70 - 300mm DL-Macro and if I really have time I'm practicing my Russian 1000mm Maksutov Cassegrain (Russentonne).

Favorite Place to be Creative: countryside of Mecklenburg Germany